About the Artist

The Art of Jess Burda

Land of a Thousand Falls

About the Artist

It is tough to describe me, let alone my art work. I will give it a go anyway.

The Very Early Years

My accomplishments have always been unconventional using the creative force to do even simple things in a different way. It’s a rush to see what develops. I was positively influenced by Mother Nature in my early years. Our family moved East and West when I was young so I experienced a great expanse of beautiful countryside from the blue hills of Kentucky all the way to the breathtaking tropics of Hawaii.

I was always doodling as a kid and often got caught drawing pictures in classes. (That was probably not the best idea I have ever had.)

The Productive Years

Because of winning numerous art awards early on I started producing everything from corporate art to showings in galleries across the USA. Many paintings were bought by enthusiasts from around the world. Sizes ranged from 8" x 10" up to 8′ x 8′, as commissions dictated. I decided to get some Art Education and took a few college art courses, and ended up graduating from San Diego Airbrush Academy. These were fun, experimental years!

Then my wife and I moved to San Diego from Northern California and adopted two babies. Somewhere along the way a combination of unforeseeable events occurred, including a slump in the economy, which forced numerous galleries across the country to fold. At that point I chose to temporarily hang up the brushes and dawn the monkey suit. I didn’t forsee that business successes in the corporate world would last for several years.

Activated Lifetrons

My New Life Begins

Fast–forward to the present. After several meaningful vacations on the islands, my wife, of 33 years, and I decided to retire in Hawaii. The beauty was just too overwhelming to pass up. Stir up the pungent odors of beautiful flowers and the exotic tastes of Hawaiian fruits, mix in a lot of color, rain and sun and here we are in a multidimensional pallet of paradise on Earth.

I always dreamed of building our own house so while my wife was finishing up her teaching career I took off to the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii to build away. We found 3 acres in the largest rain forest in the USA. WOW!

I didn’t know anyone in Hawaii and the forest was so thick I couldn’t walk the entire property. We vowed to leave as many trees as possible so I still can’t walk the entire property to this day and we love it this way!

The Realization

It wasn’t until I built our temporary hut in the Ohia forest that I truly appreciated the diverse beauty Mother Nature waits to show us. Living alone in the hut for 12 months while I was building our home was a time of deep meditation and tremendous love and respect for the people and the aina (land) of Hawaii. I virtually fell in love with all the light, rain, textures, shapes and colors that dazzled in front of my eyes along with the tremendous “Aloha” spirit from our new Ohana (island family).

One night in that little hut during a full moon, there was a gentle breeze and a misty tropical rain that flowed straight through to my heart. I immediately called my wife and said, “I will build you the Yoga Room that you want but I, also, want to build us an Art Studio.” Thus our new life was born.

I made a vow to honor Mother Nature, Pele, Divine Mother and all the Great Ones through my paintings and that all my creations would have a deeper meaning to try and touch the soul of the observer.


I found my brushes and supplies that I had been carrying around for years and I jumped in. I have been happily swimming in a sea of light and color ever since.

Tropical Dream

My Soul Song

You will see that most of my paintings are not totally realistic nor are they impressionistic or abstract but something in between here and somewhere else. Let me try and describe my inner feelings. I bath my Soul in the blissful realm between time and space where our world becomes an illusion and creative consciousness becomes the true reality. I believe that years of meditation and other spiritual techniques have helped me realize how thin the veil of the “apparent world” really is. Just by being still, and listening to the song of our Souls, great creative forces can flow through us.

With this Realization the magnetic pull of the “creative ether” starts to flow and off to the Art Studio I go. There I submerge myself in the comforting embryo of light and color, simply breathing and observing the beautiful energy flowing through me. One thing I have learned: if I live in deep appreciation, I recognize the best in everything, and good things come out of this awareness.

I should probably tell you that ever since the tug of the Soul hit me in that little screened in hut, in the forest, I have never planned a painting. I do ask for help from Spirit Guides and whomever would like to play through me... When I start a fresh canvas and apply the first stroke of paint I feel great excitement in my solar plexus. As time stands still and the flow of concentration prevails, I am always surprised at the vibrations that come through. By simply breathing and letting it flow, each unique creation seems alive as it pours onto the canvas before me.

“Welcome to My Multidimensional World and Mahalo from my heart” – Jess